Why I stopped smoking

When I was 15 I tried my first cigarette. At first, it was just a curiosity. I remember that I stole that first cigarette from my mother's handbag. I thought everyone would think that I'm cool and a tough guy. I started smoking regular at 21 and I smoke at least a pack a day. When I was 25 I started to smoke 2 packs a day ! Main problem was because almost everybody around me smoked. I thought it's normal to smoke cigarette. My father, my mother, my brother, my relatives - they were heavy smokers. I didn't enjoy smoking as much as I thought I did. I couldn't run far, I coughed every morning and I had serious breathing problems. My cigarette addiction was absolutely horrible.

My father was diagnosed with lung cancer when he was 48 and he lost his battle with that terrible disease. It was so so painful time of my life. I remember, he told me that if he could turn back time, he would never start smoking ! He told me to promise him one thing - To stop smoking soon as possible ! After father's death I started searching for ways to quit smoking.

I tried several methods to stop smocking, without success or with partial success. I tried this methods :

1. Electronic cigarettes. Problem is that nicotine is still a major component of this method. It didn't help me much. I only reduced the number of cigarettes smoked per day. I wanted to quit smoking !

2. Nicotine Patches. My opinion is that patches make it harder to quit smoking. Same as with electronic cigarettes, it was effective in reducing my daily cigarette intake. It was only quit-aid and nicotine patches didn't help me to stop smoking.

3. Nicotine gums. I tried this method and It didn't work. It was another fail for me.

4. Acupuncture. My wife recommended me acupuncture treatment. This weird method didn't help me at all. I even didn't expect good result but I tried.

After all this unsuccessful attempts I lost my hope. I only knew that I should quit smoking and fulfil my promise to my dad.

One day I accidentally met my old friend Mark in the market. He is a very successful real estate agent. We were talking about old times, when we were kids. I told him about my struggle with smoking. He told me that he had same problem and he recommend me one website and he wrote it on a paper. If you want to know, that official website you can click here. With the help of that method I quitted smoking. I fulfilled my promise to my father and I'm proud of myself.

Benefits of stopping smoking are priceless. I have more energy, no high blood pressure, I have better sex :) , no more coughs in the morning, increased stamina, I smell better now, no breathing problems.......

Now from my personal standpoint I can tell you that cigarettes are one of the worst enemies of our bodies. Cigarettes will damage your health !

I hope that I helped you with my story !